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Join the Astra Advantage program and start collecting points immediately.  The more points you collect the more gifts you can claim.  (You receive 5 points with every Saudi Riyal spent in any of our Supermarkets).  Your points can be exchanged for a wide selection of gifts.

Astra Advantage members also benefit from additional discounts on some of our ongoing promotion items.  Members also receive free delivery on any purchase over 200 Saudi Riyals and are always the first to know of any special offers and discounts via SMS. To register, all you have to do is submit the below form:
for more inquires, please Call: 0555631008

التسجيل في بطاقة نقاط اسواق استرا

Points For Gifts

Find out what great gifts you can
get for your ASTRA ADVANTAGE points



Points are calculated according to ASTRA MARKETS policy


No points will be counted for Promotional items, tobacco products and mobile recharge cards.


Purchasing points will be counted on the next day


In case a member forgets his card, points will be neither counted nor added


ASTRA MARKETS is entitled to replace the gift with another in case it is not available or out of stock


Your membership with ASTRA MARKETS might be cancelled or rejected if you use it in any forgery situation. In such a case, the cancellation will take place without any prior notification and all your points will be cancelled


Offers and benefits that you get from your ASTRA ADVANTAGE CARD might be changed or cancelled without any notification, and without any responsibility on ASTRA MARKETS


If there is any change in your contact address or contact information, It’s your responsibility to inform ASTRA ADVANTAGE CARD SERVICES about it


As a member of ASTRA ADVANTAGE CARD it is your responsibility to keep your card in a safe place and ASTRA MARKET is not responsible of any unofficial usage of the card




If you don’t use your ASTRA ADVANTAGE CARD for 3 months, your points will be cancelled without any prior notification.


ASTRA ADVANTAGE CARD is not for wholesalers or restaurants and  ASTRA MARKETS has the right to cancel the card and the collected points of such users without any prior notification.


The usage of astra advantage card is a proof of your acceptance of our terms and conditions


The Member accepts that ASTRA MARKETS may contact them with promotions, noting that ASTRA MARKETS confirms that it shall not release any information or contact details to any third party.

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