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Please feel free to contact us at any of our Supermarket branches, at our head office, via email or by completing the contact form below


Astra Markets Olaya:

T: +966 569629158


Astra Markets Sultana:

T: +966 569628934

Astra Markets Military City:

T: +966 569629245

Astra Markets Al Qadisia

T: +966 569629284

Astra Markets at Astra Farms:

T: +966 569629297

Astra Markets Tabuk Garden Village:

T: +966 569628957

Astra Markets Almasef:

T: +966 569629241

Astra Petrol Station:

T: +966 569629787

Astra Station / Mini Market:

T: +966 569629787

Astra Wholesales Cold Store

T: +966 569629894

Head Office

Astra Food Company - Commercial

P.O.Box 1483, Tabuk 71431

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

T: +966 14 423 2888

F: +966 14 422 0388


Contact Form

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Our Branches

Our branches are conveniently distributed across TABUK, for a complete list of our locations, please click the tab below

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